Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Near Pelham, NH Providing Stress-Free Care

At Canobie Lake Veterinary Hospital near Pelham, NH, we believe exceptional veterinary care should be the norm–not a luxury for a select few. We are extremely proud to offer the highest standard of medicine you can expect at an animal hospital, with our commitment to stress-free care and ongoing accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association–a demonstration of the quality medicine we provide daily. What’s more, our veterinarians and staff are able to treat not only dogs and cats, but also pocket pets, birds, and reptiles. If you are looking for a veterinarian who treats your pet as the special family member they are with compassionate, personalized care, you’ve come to the right place.

Veterinarian and animal hospital near Pelham, NHGet to Know Our Veterinary Services Offered for Pets in Pelham, NH

Keeping the pets of Pelham and surrounding areas healthy is an important responsibility, and one we are proud to have. Below is a sample of our core veterinary services, which include:

How We Provide Stress-Free Care

What makes veterinary visits less stressful at our animal hospital? Our techniques are science-based and proven to help dogs, cats, and other animals relax, and include:

  • Handling animals with as little restraint as possible
  • Handling just one animal at a time in the treatment area
  • Moving slowly and deliberately, rather than quickly and suddenly, which can startle pets
  • Speaking in kind, assuring tones to every pet to help them feel more safe and secure

These are just a few of the things we do to make vet visits a little more pleasant for our patients. To find out more, call 603-898-8982 today!