Three for Free During the Month of March!

We live in New England, our pets are at risk all year long! Especially now that the weather is getting warmer, ticks prefer this 50 degree weather and will be looking for our warm pets to live on–so get prevention on them ASAP!

It’s THREE for FREE!

  • Buy 12 months worth of heartworm prevention and receive a FREE bag of treats!
  • Buy 6 months worth of flea/tick prevention and receive a FREE bag of treats!
  • Buy 12 months worth of flea/tick prevention and receive2 FREE bags of treats!

Additional Rebates

All rebates are in addition to the free bag of treats.

  • 12 months worth of Triheart also has a $5 rebate!
  • 6 months worth of Vectra flea/tick prevention has a rebate for 3 free doses by mail
  • 6 months of Bravecto flea/tick prevention has a $15 rebate
  • 8 month Seresto Collar has a $15 rebate!
  • 12 months of Bravecto flea/tick prevention has a $35 rebate!

*Your pet must be current on their Preventative Care Exam for all prescription preventatives

*Free treats are given based on preventatives being purchased per pet.

Contact us to find out how you can get your pet protected against fleas, ticks and heartworm.