Our Pets Save Us

On any given day, one of our family pets will be found in bed with one of my daughters. Our pets give us emotional support, reduce anxiety, and decrease our stress. They are more intuitive than people, more present, and even more compassionate. 

What happened Friday

My daughter came home from school on Friday and was in tears. Lola, our little chihuahua,  ran to her barking and jumping on her legs. “We had to discuss our research papers today,” she started. “When I told the class if we reduced our meat consumption, we could help our environment…everyone laughed at me.”

As she went on to tell the account, Lola started barking and whining at her feet. She picked up Lola and continued her story. “The most popular kids made fun of me because I am vegan. They don’t understand that I don’t eat meat to lessen the impact of the livestock industry on the environment. If everyone ate a little less meat, maybe I wouldn’t have to be vegan.” Lola sat up in her arms and puffed her chest, she held her head high and was very confident in my daughter’s arms.

“I just wish I could have said more in class. When they made fun of me, I became so upset, I didn’t know what to say,” she added. I asked why she became so upset and felt she couldn’t stand up and defend her beliefs? My daughter said, “They are the most popular kids, everyone started laughing with them, I was just so embarrassed.” It was then I noticed she wasn’t embarrassed anymore and she was talking confidently. “I wish I could bring Lola to school with me, I don’t think anyone would make fun of me then,” she finished her story and went to her room. 

I believe she is right. I don’t think anyone would make fun of anyone else while holding a dog, a cat, a bird. Any pet would do. Our pets can save us from these difficult situations. 

Pets make people nicer

People actually become nicer when pets are around. I had a client share with me that he is a property manager and had to evict several people from a condemned apartment. He told me that when he brought his fluffy, cuddly puppy with him, no one seemed upset when he told them they had to leave the building. He was shocked. He said his new puppy is going to work with him everyday!

Pets make us more confident, more kind, and allow acceptance. Next time you have a difficult situation, bring your pet into the mix, maybe it will make a tough situation a little less difficult.