February is Pet Dental Month!


Tired of smelling bad breath from your cat or dog?
That’s infection!

Are your pet’s teeth yellow or brown?
That’s plaque and tartar!

Does your pet have red or swollen gums?
That’s periodontal disease and bone loss!

If you answered YES to any of these then your pet NEEDS his or her teeth cleaned. Dental disease is painful to your pet and treatable! The entire month of February we celebrate Pet Dental Month and we pass the savings along to you!

Call to schedule a FREE dental consultation… a $67.50 value.

If we determine your pet needs a dental cleaning, you will receive a 40% discount on the cleaning and polishing of your pet’s teeth and a FREE set of dental Xrays-a $95.00 value.

Your pet’s dentistry includes a comprehensive physical exam, intravenous catheter, intravenous fluids, anesthetic medication and monitoring, dental scaling and polishing, dental probing, charting, fluoride treatment, pain medication and a full mouth set of X-rays. The cost is:

  • Cat Dentistry $303.50 (normally $672) SAVE $369
  • Small Dog Dentistry (under 50#) $373.50 (normally $675) SAVE $302
  • Large Dog Dentistry (over 50#) $413.50 (normally $700) SAVE $287

Should we determine your pet needs additional extractions or surgery we will do our best to give you those additional costs up front at your FREE dental consultation so there will be no surprises. All clients will be provided an itemized treatment plan for all services.

Call NOW to set up your appointment. Appointments do book up fast! So schedule now. If you decide to take advantage of these great discounts we will also discount your pre-anesthetic blood panels that are required before the dentistry.

  • Pets under 7 years are just $39 (normally $65)
  • Pets 8 years and older are just $85 (normally $167)

Take advantage of these great savings during Pet Dental Month and you will not only ensure the health of your pet but also increase the longevity of his/her life by keeping his/her mouth clean and healthy.

Please call our office at 603-898-8982 to schedule and/or discuss this procedure.

Remember, all dogs and cats must be scheduled by the end of February to take advantage of these substantial, once-a-year-only savings! Slots fill fast, so please call today.

All dental procedures include a FREE toothbrush and dental kit ($8.00 value) AND all of our dental products (including dental treats!) are all 10% off!